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Marketworks 360 is the outgrowth of Ed Breed’s multifaceted career in manufacturing, advertising, performance, and design. From Lucasfilm Ltd to Breed Glass, from corporate agent and owner to commercial artist, Ed has leveraged marketing insights and delivered transformative ideas to companies across various industries.

After graduating from USC with a BFA in theatrical design, he worked on Hollywood movies, TV, and theater stages. Moving to San Francisco, he started as purchasing manager for Industrial Light and Magic, the special effects division of Lucasfilm Ltd, and later as Assistant Director for the General Services Division of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Eager to develop his own company, he founded Entertainment Research Group, an entertainment design firm. ERG occupied a unique advertising niche by creating American advertising character icons for national food and beverage companies. The company developed corporate brands through direct customer contact in local and national venues, parades, malls, television commercials, and appearances. ERG also worked extensively with Disneyland Orlando developing specialty parade characters. From their base in Napa, California, ERG designed and consulted for more than twenty years on a national scale with clients including Kraft Foods, Michelin, Kool Aid, M&M Mars, JellyBelly, Pillsbury, and the many USA and international amusement parks. Many of these companies continue to use ERG icons in their current advertising.

Answering his artistic side, Ed sold ERG and enjoyed ten years as a glass artist in the Napa Valley with his commercial studio, Breed Glass. His work was featured throughout the San Francisco bay area in local galleries, wineries, special events, and commissioned projects.

After relocating to Eugene, Oregon, in 2015, he began to think about a new venture that combines his experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and art to offer a practical and integrated small business digital marketing program.

Marketworks 360 applies Ed’s critical thinking and creative problem-solving business skills to the challenges that hinder small business growth — directing teams and projects to meet business goals successfully. Ed Breed is an expert at identifying and changing mindsets that limit performance. He works with startups, B2B small businesses, manufacturers and product development companies.

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Your Certified Local Partner

Digital Transformation is the change, the disruption to your thinking that will impact your whole business and generate new sources of value to you and your customers online. What you present in the digital space impacts your company’s reputation and opportunities. As your virtual digital strategy team, Marketworks 360 is your strategic and solution-oriented partner to maximize your digital presence. We have the tools in an all-in-one platform to grow and scale your business.

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A Eugene Business

As a local business owner, you know how important it is to invest in the community. Your company helps the area’s culture thrive, and it’s important to keep these local businesses performing well. As a member of your community, Marketworks 360 is committed to helping small businesses. And in the digital society that we are living in, the key to supporting local companies lies in helping them create an online presence that allows new customers to find their services and keeps loyal customers engaged. That’s why we’re here: to partner with you to elevate digital strategies in an ethical, sustainable way.

Photo by Mike Shaw - www.mikeshawphoto.com